GENERALFIT at a glance

Yadavaran Pirouz company is a vacuum cleaner producer factory, located in Jey Industrial Estate, Isfahan, Iran. Using skilled directors, experts and staff for producing high quality products in 3 decades, this company has attained the trust of its customers. From the beginning of 2018, multiple kind of vacuum cleaners are manufacturing in this company under GENERALFIT brand. With the aim of Iran autarky and completing the production circle, this company is making T.S.J vacuum cleaner motors with German AEG technology, since 2013. The type of motors made by this company is two stage motor, economic, with high suction power and low amortisement.
In addition to supply its need of motor and other accessories, this company is ready to provide demands of other vacuum cleaner producers with appropriate conditions.
Prospecting the future and respecting the trust of its customers, Yadavaran Pirouz company is making an effort to establish an effective after-sales service, to promote its products and to complete its collection..